[Is Huanglong Stone good for the body]_affect_harm

[Is Huanglong Stone good for the body]_affect_harm

Huanglongshi is also called Huanglongyu.

The color is golden and can be used to make bracelets.

Huang Longyu was originally called yellow wax stone.

In the eyes of the locals, it has the color of Tianhuang, the hardness of jadeite, good hardness, high transparency, and colorful.

Because it is produced in Longling, and its main color is yellow, it is eventually called Huanglongyu.

What good is it to put yellow dragon stones on your body?

1. Huanglongyu bracelet can improve immunity Huanglongyu contains a variety of trace elements that are good for the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and so on.

The bright yellow dragon jade bracelet can make these trace elements absorbed by human skin, which can activate cells and improve human immunity.

Therefore, there is a statement in ancient ancient Chinese medicine that “some diseases cannot be cured by taking medicines, but jade is often replaced but cured.”

2. The yellow dragon jade bracelet can nourish energy and sharpen the jade bracelet. It can massage the wrist for a long time, which can squeeze and rub the nerves and blood veins and capillaries of the wrist. This pair of wrist nerves can press soothe, calm,Regulates the effects of insomnia, which is also good for visual fatigue and can also improve energy.

3, Huanglong jade bracelet can be refreshing. Huanglong jade bracelet has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, heat absorption and heat dissipation are relatively slow. In winter, the yellow dragon jade bracelet is warm, and it can only be cool in summer.

This feature can stimulate the wrist of the human body, can improve the body’s active muscle energy, thereby refreshing, refreshing, and eye-catching effect.

4. The yellow dragon jade bracelet can exorcise evil spirits. It can be said that the yellow dragon jade can emit some strange light at night and can illuminate the land of a few square meters. All the demons and ghosts will run away in fear when they see this luster.Protecting the evil from the evil, the common people have also participated in the spread to this day, and women have been considered to be weak people, so you can choose Huanglongyu bracelets can also be used to keep safe.

5, Huanglong jade bracelets can be self-cultivation. Ancient Confucianism had the concept of “gentleman is better than jade” and “gentleman has no reason, and jade doesn’t go away”.

Think of jade as five virtues: benevolence, justice, wisdom, courage, and purity.

Jade symbolizes the noble character of moral concepts in scientific research and is a symbol of gentlemen.

Therefore, women with yellow dragon jade bracelets can not only cultivate their body, but also reflect the symbol of oriental femininity and charm.