Men’s Basketball Team
The Chinese Division scored 17 points at halftime, and Yi Jianlian helped the Chinese team temporarily rank first in Group A.In the first game of the World Cup, Guo Ailun played the “first defender in Asia” style.  China 20:00 Polish CCTV5 After nearly 3,300 days of waiting, the Chinese men’s basketball team defeated the Ivory Coast team in the World Cup debut this year, winning the world championship for the first time in nine years and ending a 14-game losing streak.Coincidentally, the last time the Chinese team won an international competition, the opponent was also defeated by C?te d’ Ivoire. At that time, the 2010 World Championship was the predecessor of the World Cup today.  The win in the first game was certainly welcome, but the Chinese team also exposed three-point misalignment, weak rebounds and other problems.At 20 o’clock today, the Chinese men’s basketball team will usher in the World Cup 2nd battle. In the face of the strongest team in Poland, a tough battle is inevitable.After training before the game yesterday, head coach Li Nan hoped the players would let go.  Summary After the halftime adjustment to find back the self-group first defeat of C?te d’Ivoire, the Chinese men’s basketball general admitted that the opponent’s fierce defense and physical confrontation ability exceeded expectations, and the team’s characteristics on the offensive end made a difference.”We are held up by the other party as a whole, everything is very slow, the slower the more physical contact, the less chance we have.”Head coach Li Nan said.  In response to the passive situation in the first half, the Chinese team adjusted in the second half to strengthen the protection of the backcourt. At the same time, it required the players to play more easily on the offensive end.”Li Nan said.As soon as the second half came up, Yi Jianlian and Zhou Qi showed dominance on the inside line, and they scored 7 points together to help the team reverse the situation.Yi Jianlian, who only scored 2 points in the first half, scored 17 points in the next two quarters; Zhou Qi, who played for 33 minutes, scored “12 + 6” and contributed only 2 results of the team. The positive and negative values of 19 points andGuo Ailun tied for first.  Guo Ailun contributed 17 points and 9 assists in the first game, and did not make a mistake, was elected MVP after the game.Whether it is chasing points when lagging behind or consolidating his advantage after overtaking, he comes forward.Li Nansheng’s praise for the Chinese team will play a big role in winning the start. Frankly, the Chinese team wants to go further in the future, Guo Ailun’s play is very important.  Short-board rebounds are not three points behind, and even the Chinese men’s basketball team is adaptable in the first game, but in the face of the weakest team in the same group, the 3-point efficiency of 10 in 1 is too low.  The C?te d’ Ivoire team ranks 7 out of 23 from three points, and the Chinese team is in a disadvantageous position in terms of shots and shooting percentage.Li Nan pointed out that after being defended by the opponent’s defense, the Chinese team’s ball has been walking on the perimeter, and the chances of open shots are limited.  The only three-pointer for the Chinese team is the first height Zhou Qi.As an insider with a long-range shot, Zhou Qi can additionally score points under the basket and can also “float” outside the three-point line.Although it is not a conventional weapon, he suddenly used cold arrows, and sometimes he also received unexpected effects.Under the rankings, in addition to Sun Minghui who did not play, the four guards who have appeared on the line have lost all 8 shots, and more needs to be summarized.It is imperative for the shooters to get back their feelings.  In addition, the Chinese team rebounded 33 to 41 in the first game and was snatched by opponents with 19 offensive rebounds.The team’s rebounds are mainly concentrated on Yi Jianlian (8), Zhai Xiaochuan (8) and Zhou Qi (6) equipment.  In the face of the strongest Polish team in Group A, under the tight front line, every member of the Chinese team must have a sense of actively fighting for rebounds in order to replace the gap with the strong players.  Before preparing for the pressure to release the mid-range shots before the World Cup, the match with Poland was regarded as the most difficult game for the Chinese team in the group stage.After the first round, the Chinese team’s sustainable net win advantage, temporarily ranked first in the Group A list.After tonight, the first qualifying place in this group will be announced.  After winning the opening game, the topic about the battle between China and Poland immediately heated up.At the press conference after the First World War, a Polish national TV reporter asked Li Nan to look forward to the game.Li Nan admits that the strength of the Polish team is far above C?te d’ Ivoire, and the Chinese team will make more difficult preparations up and down.Zhai Xiaochuan mentioned that the defense of C?te d’ Ivoire has made the Chinese team aware of the intensity of the confrontation. “In the next game, the opponent ‘s defense will cause more pressure on us. We must be ready for a tough physical confrontation.”14 hours after the end of the first game, the Chinese men’s basketball team came to Wukesong Stadium for training at noon yesterday.In the last 5 minutes of opening time, the atmosphere of the whole team was relaxed. Zhou Qi, Zhao Rui and others also compared to the mid-range shooting.Li Nan said that if time permits, this is a regular project of the Chinese team, and I hope that the players will be more open-minded, “I also said after the first game, (the players are in the first game) is still too tight, although some aspects may be doneNot good, but everyone can work hard to polish it.”Looking at the first game of the group stage of the Polish team, Li Nan’s evaluation of this opponent is mature and tacit,” their coach took five years, the offense was very smooth, and he played a more confident point.Their strength is above the Chinese team, we have to fight with them.”The opponent’s Polish double guns hit China’s Polish team. There is a naturalized player, Slaughter, who is the team’s main point guard.He played for the European Club and started playing for the Polish team in 2015. Slot is more like an engine by the top star Ponitka.  Li Nan pointed out that Slaughter’s style is more European, and he expects the overall coordination, which will cause a great impact on the Chinese team.Gortat and Lampe are absent, and the overall style of the Polish team will not be affected.  After the pre-match training yesterday, Polish coach Mike Taylor revealed that he was very impressed with the pick-and-roll cooperation of Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi, and believed that Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhelin were also strong.The player he most admires, Abdul Salaam, has few chances to play in the first game. I wonder if it will become Li Nan’s secret weapon tonight.  Taylor believes that the Chinese team’s first victory will help boost confidence. The direct dialogue between the two teams and the better player will be the first team to qualify.”The Chinese team is fighting at home, supported by a huge number of fans. We need to control our emotions and game rhythm.”The Polish team he led once defeated the host France and Finland in the two European Championships,” our team is very eager and confident to play against the next team.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Chen Edition Photography / Sauna, Night Net Wu Jiang