Fund Taurus Award gold content -1 year champion curse 5 year performance in general

Fund Taurus gold content: 1 year champion curse 5 year performance in general

Fund circles are showing how high the gold content of the “Oscar” award in the Chinese fund industry?

  Source: A-share Koi old K bull market advocator On July 5th, the new phase of the Golden Bull Awards was presented, and the big guys in the fund circle have their own honor in the circle of friends!

Old K takes everyone to see first!

  The specific list of winners is as follows: Many people will ask whether these award-winning funds are reliable?

Some new founders may not even know what the Golden Bull Award is!

Today, the old K will give you a detailed introduction!

  The Golden Bull Award of China’s fund industry, referred to as the “Golden Bull Award”, the selection in this name began in 2004!

Once a year, this time is the sixteenth!

  On Baidu Encyclopedia, the budget is roughly described as follows: “China Fund Bullion Awards” is organized by China Securities Journal, Galaxy Securities, Tianxiang Investment Consulting, China Merchants Securities, Haitong Securities, Shanghai Securities and other five institutions.

  The original intention of the budget was to provide investors with an important reference for fund selection, and to focus on showing many outstanding funds and excellent fund management companies, to improve and expand the recognition and popularity of the fund industry in the society, and to promote the large-scale fund industry towards standardization., Healthy development.

  With strict implementation of the principles of justice, fairness, openness, and credibility, and respect for the law of fund development, it has been widely recognized by the fund industry and fund regulators, and has become one of the most credible authorities in China’s capital market. Copyright China FundThe reputation of the industry “Oscar” award.

  Is reality not good?

Let’s start with the list of the first session. At that time, there were only 19 open-ended Taurus funds and closed-ended Taurus funds. Only 19 funds won, which is not like a bunch.

  By the sixteenth session of 2019, the list of winning funds has reached 80!

The number of specific winning funds for the Golden Bull Awards is as follows: from the first session, the minimum is 14 in the second session, and the highest is 95 in the 15th session.

Old K wants to see this long list of winners now, and it is estimated that the eyes of Jimin friends will bloom!

  I have n’t watched the latest one. Let ‘s take a look at the performance of the active equity funds in the 15th edition of the 15th award-winning list.

  The fifteenth stock award-winning fund has a total of nine, which is not much!

  The one-year winning funds include Cathay Internet + Stocks, HSBC Jinxin Consumer Dividends Stocks, Invesco Great Wall Quantitative New Power Stocks, Castrol Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Select Stocks, and Nuoan Low Carbon Economy Stocks.

These are funds with outstanding performance in 2017!

  There is a lot of luck factors in the fund’s one-year performance, such as Cathay Internet + Stocks, which was 61 in 2017.

95% of the revenue significantly outperformed the CSI 300 Index, ranking third in its class!

But he changed his face immediately in 2018, losing 32 that year.


  Therefore, the one-year list of the Golden Bull Awards, the old K recommends that you don’t have to watch it directly, just like the champion curse of the fund 深圳桑拿网 industry, many funds’ year-round results are obtained by luck, and those who have not experienced a round of bull and bear testNone of the funds is worthy of our trust in real money.

  The three-year winning funds include Anxin Value Selected Stocks, E Fund Consumer Stocks, and Harvest Emerging Industry Stocks!

  On the whole, the performance of these three funds is ok, but Anxin Value Select has underperformed the CSI 300 Index in 2018, and its ability to obtain alpha returns is not very strong.

  The only five-year period has been HSBC Jinxin’s large-cap stock A. This fund believes that many old people are familiar with it. The post-80s star fund manager Qiu Dongrong’s famous work, unfortunately, Qiu Dongrong left the job in 2018.The back of the fund was wiped out.

  The fifteenth mixed award-winning fund is as high as 51, of which 13 are one-year Dongcai, 18 are three-year, and 20 are five-year.

  Old K said that he didn’t need to look at the one-year term. How much do you think he knows at a glance at the three-year term?

Anyway, there are not many people who can enter the old K’s eyes, such as the upgrade of Oriental Red Industry, Cathay’s forecast advantages, Xingquan Herun, Yinhua Wealthy, Huitianfu growing, and Bank of Communications new growth.

  The highest gold content belongs to the five-year winning list!

There are many long-term high-performance funds such as Cathay Pacific’s growth priority, Xingquan trend, Xingquan light assets, China-Europe value discovery, Huitian rich value selection, Bank of Communications advantage industries, but to be honest, there are also many funds with average performance.

  Still the old saying that things are rare and expensive!

As a substitute for high industry recognition and credibility!

Old K hopes that the Golden Bull Award will be able to select better ones, and screen out the very few products that perform best, so that the people can see that the real “top pick” is some kind!

  It’s really a bit of a flood now, and the media hasn’t paid much attention to it, and the people are too lazy to watch it!

Only the winners and companies are there for marketing purposes.  This is really bad!