[How long can steamed shrimp be cooked]_Steaming time_How to make

[How long can steamed shrimp be cooked]_Steaming time_How to make

There are many dietary methods when eating prawns. One method is called steamed shrimp, which is to put the shrimp in a steamer and steam it like a steamed bun, and the steamed shrimp tastes more tender and tender.You can marinate the shrimp before steaming, so that you won’t feel a single taste when eating shrimp, and then you need to control the heat. How can steamed shrimp be cooked?

If it is a fire, 6 minutes is enough.

If the fire is moderate, 15 minutes is sufficient.

Steamed shrimp is not to say that the shorter the time, the better and the fresher. Steamed shrimp still needs the necessary time, because the shrimp contains magnesium, and magnesium needs a certain high temperature and sufficient time to resolve. Therefore, it is recommended to use a high fire, at least 6Minutes or 8 minutes to steam.

Shrimp treats pediatric red-white swelling, and the shrimp is mashed and applied to the affected area.

It can be used to treat lumps, acne, and milk.

Boil into juice to cure wind and phlegm.

When made into a paste, the worm gall is effective.

Shrimp born in paddy fields and ditches are poisonous and are more harmful when mixed with pickles.

The hot rice is marinated and eaten in a container, which can poison people.

It is not necessary to eat it if it is black or under the belly, it turns white after cooking.

Ingredients: 500 grams of sand shrimp, 1 small piece of ginger, 3 garlic
4 cloves, suitable amount of umami sauce (steamed fish stew or seafood sauce is recommended).

Wash the shrimp, cut off the whiskers and shrimp feet 2.

Mince garlic and ginger separately 3.

Put the water in the steamer and boil it. Put the shrimp in the steamer. After the water is boiling, put it on the steamer.
6 minutes; (there is a hole under the steamer, so the heating is very fast. If you use a plate to steam, it will take a bit longer) 4.

Add another pan, hot pan with cold oil, simmer ginger and minced garlic 5.

Add the right amount of umami juice. This umami juice is very salty. I want to add some water.

It is recommended to use steamed fish soy sauce or seafood soy sauce to dip the salty and delicious soy sauce 6.

Big fire steaming 5?
After 6 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 minutes before you can cook. You must eat it hot, but it wo n’t taste good when it is cold.