[How to cook syrupy eggs will not rot]_Boil not rot_How to make

[How to cook syrupy eggs will not rot]_Boil not rot_How to make

The rich nutrient protein in eggs, and the methods of making eggs are also various. The dish of sugared eggs is a large number of women who choose to eat at breakfast.

Because brown sugar, red dates and eggs are added to sugared eggs, the combination of these three ingredients can effectively replenish qi and blood, which is very good for women’s bodies. However, when people cook sugared eggs, they find that the eggs are easy to spread, soWhat method can be used to keep the eggs from falling apart?

How to cook brown sugar eggs won’t break: First, boil the water in a pot according to your needs. I’m more accustomed to putting brown sugar in when boiling water.

In this way, the water is boiling, and the brown sugar is almost finished. The second step is to turn off the fire to the minimum after the water is boiling.Then, turn on the fire, and still cook slowly on a low fire. When you see the protein floating on the surface of the sugar water, it proves that the eggs are already wrapped and it is not easy to break, so you can slowly open the fire.

For example, when I adjust the temperature of the induction cooker from 100 to 300 at this moment, the surface of the sugar water will float some proteins and magazines that don’t look beautiful. If I remove it with a spoon, I can see the beautiful color of the sugar water.For sweet-boiled eggs, you can use a spoon to lightly press the surface of the egg. If it is soft, you can start the pan. The sweet-boiled eggs at the entrance are such beautiful sweet-boiled eggs. Effect of drinking brown sugar-boiled eggsStomach nourishing brown sugar and boiled eggs are very helpful for women’s smooth menstruation, can warm the body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and menstrual flow will be smooth.

If you feel poor and have a bad complexion after menstruation, you can drink a cup of brown sugar water with a concentration of about 20% before lunch every day.

Pregnancy: It is beneficial for the mother to discharge lochia. The pregnant woman has more postpartum blood loss, high energy and energy consumption.
If you drink some brown sugar water in 10 days, it can replenish energy and increase blood volume, which is conducive to the recovery of postpartum physical strength, and it also has a significant promotion effect on postpartum uterine contraction, recovery, the discharge of lochia and milk secretion.

But pregnant women eating brown sugar and boiled eggs may cause uterine contractions, so expectant mothers should eat it with caution.

Women: Detoxifying and moisturizing brown sugar water can also be used as an external application. It also has the effect of detoxifying and moisturizing. Most of the older generations have experienced children being stung by bees, the wounds are red and swollen, and the pain is unbearable. At this time, you can take some concentrations.The light brown sugar water is applied to the redness and swelling, and the pain can be relieved and the redness and swelling will gradually disappear.

In autumn and winter, the skin suffers from itching due to cold and dryness. It can also be washed and washed with brown sugar water, which can effectively reduce the feeling of dry itching.