ABC Beijing Branch innovates consumer protection during outbreak
As an important member of the capital’s financial system, ABC Beijing Branch has always regarded good financial services as its important responsibility and mission.Recently, under the deployment and guidance of the regulatory agency and the head office of the Agricultural Bank of China, the bank organized the 3.15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Publicity Week, and its three-dimensional innovative financial knowledge publicity activities received good social response.It is understood that during the outbreak of the 3.15 “Financial Consumer Rights Promotion Week” activity, the Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch innovated the form of missions, launched a three-dimensional mission model based on “offline” and highlighted “online”.In addition to arranging event materials on offline equipment such as outlet lintels, outlet electronic screens, self-service machines, etc., it also made full use of official WeChat, Weibo and other new media to continue to push the 3.15 Financial Consumer Rights Promotion Week series of promotional materials.With lively, consumer-loved animation videos and extensive cartoon knowledge of original cartoons, consumers are reminded to prevent epidemics in new types of telecommunications fraud and scams, and guide consumers to correctly understand their legal rights and protect their rights in accordance with laws and regulations.In addition, the bank assisted the Beijing Center for Disease Control to shoot the publicity video of the “Guidelines for the Reinstatement of Production in the Financial Industry”, which has been broadcast on Beijing TV Station and broadcast in relevant business premises.While adhering to public welfare publicity, ABC Beijing Branch strengthened service management and control, focused on providing convenience for special groups, equipped with blind cards, caring seats, medical convenience boxes and other equipment for business outlets, and opened green windows, green channels, and passwordsBraille stickers are pasted on the keyboard.In particular, strengthen the management of business premises during the epidemic situation, make every effort to arrange sanitary and epidemic prevention measures for office premises in business premises, employees guide customers to deal with business without contact with masks around the clock, and do a good job of spray disinfection in public areas.Contact the area and make every effort to protect the health of financial consumers.In order to reduce the number of consumers going out and reduce personnel contact, ABC Beijing Branch actively guides consumers to conduct transactions through online channels such as Palm Bank and Internet Banking through various channels, and updates and releases the latest outlet business conditions through WeChat public accounts and other channels in a timely manner.In addition, the emergency process was started, and 95599 was opened to unlock the “green channel” online. Since the emergency process was implemented, the bank has gradually recovered more than 800 consumer online debit cards to unlock and practiced the Agricultural Bank with actual actions.Since the outbreak, the Beijing Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China has maintained a “green channel” for epidemic prevention throughout the day. Special and special arrangements are made for urgent matters. The two companies have successfully carried out domestic remittances such as procurement of anti-epidemic materials and donations.And assist the Chinese National Charity Federation and other charitable organizations to quickly and accurately transfer out the expenditure budget, and make every effort to ensure the smooth collection and payment of epidemic prevention and control donations.In order to protect people’s livelihood services, the bank has built a “central quarter service life circle”, realized small and micro merchants online orders, delivered home, solved the community “closed management”, residents are inconvenient to buy food and other pain points and difficulties, andHelp businesses transform and upgrade.It is reported that in the next step, the Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch will continue to increase consumer protection, continue to promote financial consumer education and financial knowledge popularization, and raise public awareness of the correct use of financial products, financial services, and prevention of financial risks.Editor Li Weijia proofreading Li Xiangling