Why did Takarazuka who nurtured Tianhai Yuxi and Kuroki Hitomi obsess female audiences?
At the invitation of the 20th “Meet Beijing” International Art Festival, the world-famous Japanese Takarazuka Opera Troupe OG will come to Beijing for the first time to perform “The Rays of Sword and Love-Love” at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center from January 10th to 12thWomen with Napoleon. “Photo courtesy of the organizer Takarazuka Opera Company as a century-old theater company, in addition to profoundly affecting the shape of Japanese musicals, has also affected artists and works of different art categories, such as the Japanese animation and comic industry.The biggest feature of the troupe is that its members are all unmarried women, and the male actors are “reverse” performed by women. Therefore, a lot of members will leave the group because they are married or planning to get married. These members who leave the group are generally called graduates or Takarazuka.OG (Old Generation), and leaving the group is called “graduation”.Today, the Takarazuka Opera Company has more than 400 members and more than 4,000 graduates. It has become a large-scale stage performance group that is well-known throughout Japan and the world. It is also one of the most-performing dance and dance troupes in the world.Takarazuka adopts the TOP star system and has five groups: “Hua, Yue, Xue, Xing, and Zhou”, and each group will have two master artists, “male servant” and “unisex”.This time, the “Meet Beijing” International Art Festival invited the TOP Gaoling blowing snow of the male team of the former snow group, the TOP Mayai of the female bond of the former month group, the TOP dance style of the former snow group, and the other 19 selected treasures.Opera group OG actors come to Beijing to perform, in order to let everyone watch the performance better, Sauna Night Network takes you first to understand this century-old theater company.Photo courtesy of the organizer.The predecessor of the three exclusive theaters Takarazuka Opera Troupe was the Takarazuka singing team founded in 1913 by the former president of Hankyu Electric Railway Koichi Kobayashi. It has both training and performances.In 1914, it was reorganized as a girls ‘opera troupe, and the first performance of the Takarazuka girls’ opera was performed at the 17-year-old girl’s station of 12-17 years old in the Paradise Theater, which was converted from a swimming pool.In 1939, the group split the training and performance, set up the Takarazuka Music School, and officially changed its name to the Takarazuka Opera Troupe in 1940.Today, the Takarazuka Opera House has three exclusive theaters, namely the “Takarazuka Grand Theater” in Hyogo Prefecture, the “Tokyo Takarazuka Theater” in Tokyo, and the small-scale auxiliary theater adjacent to the Takarazuka Grand Theater.”Takarazuka Bow Hall”, in addition to performing in exclusive theaters, is also actively performing in Japan and overseas. In 1938, Takarazuka completed its first overseas performance in Europe.2.”The Rose of Versailles” Takarazuka Opera Troupe’s main performances are mainly drama and cabaret shows.The scripts of dramas are mostly created by the troupe’s exclusive performers themselves, or adapted from well-known films or literary works, and also adapted from Western musicals. The performance content of the song and dance show is almost original for the troupe’s exclusive writers.In 1974, Takarazuka caused a great sensation in Japan with the play “The Rose of Versailles”. In the following decades, Takarazuka moved this play to the stage three times and became the most popular opera masterpiece of the Takarazuka Opera Company.Therefore, a statue of the play was erected in front of the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo Prefecture.The Takarazuka Opera Company has a wide range of repertoires. In addition to original works, in recent years there have also been musical productions from Europe and the United States such as “ME AND MY GIRL”, “Guys & Dolls”, “Elizabeth” (Elisabeth), andAdapted from classic novels such as “Gone with the Wind” and comics such as “Lupin III”, there are even “New Story of the New Origin” that adapted Japanese classical literature into musicals.3.The theater group is divided into audiences who are familiar with Takarazuka. The opera company has five groups: “Flower, Moon, Snow, Star, and Zhou”.There are also “specialties” made up of highly skilled senior team members. Specialist actors do not belong to any group, but support each group’s performance in the form of “special performance”.Each group has a pair of protagonists, one is a male servant called the chief star, and the other is the chief servant with the chief star.Most of the performances are centered on the development of the chief group, and then incorporate the characteristics of the members of each group.Among them, the Hua Formation and the Moon Formation are the elders that have existed since 1921. The Snow Formation and the Star Formation were founded in 1924 and 1933, respectively, while the Zhou Formation was a new one born in 1998.The representative colors of each group are: flower group-pink, moon group-yellow, snow group-green, star group-blue, and zhou group-purple.4.Come to Beijing lineup stills.The Takarazuka opera group OG, which was provided by the organizer for the performance in Beijing this time, has the former snow group male star actor Gao Ling blowing snow. She was the first Asian partner of “Princess Sissi” Hua Zongzhen; the former month group female starActor Ma Nai Jia Shi, she was also a partner of the well-known actor Tianhai Youxi. The two graduated from Takarazuka on the same day. The “Tianma” partner is still a must-have for many Takarazuka fans’ initial chase;Feng Liluo, she was a partner of the powerful male star actor Chao Haiguang who sang and danced well. Both of them are very high-level dancers, and they are well-known partner combinations.In addition to the three star actors, this tour also has another 19 selected Takarazuka Opera Troupe OG actors, actors from 60s to 90s.5.Strict selection system For girls with “Takarazuka Dream”, if they want to join the group and enter the stage, they first need to obtain the Takarazuka Music School (only 40 students are enrolled each year). The girls apply from the society and go through a dance performance.After that, the audio school selected a new class of audio school students with a very low admission rate.After two years of rigorous training at school, you can enter the troupe after graduation.After joining the group, the group members are called “graduate students”, and they are assigned to the seven students in the year by year.The members of the troupe are all from Takarazuka Music School.In addition, all actors who have been in the group for less than seven years must participate in the newcomer performance (referring to letting young actors less than seven years old to perform in the grand theater performance).The troupe will choose actors to take the main role among the actors who participated in the newcomer’s performance. Among them, the young actor who plays the role of the star is called the newcomer.An actor with experience in leading roles as a newcomer, the troupe will let her star in a small theater performance based on seniority, popularity and other conditions, so as to accumulate experience in the theater, before it is possible to be promoted to Sanfanshou, Erfanshou, or even the chief star.6.Men ‘s service training for more than 10 years. Photo courtesy of the organizer Takarazuka Opera Company has a strict training system for “men ‘s service” and “mother service”. The training of “men ‘s service” is even more difficult.Like a man, only after leaving the group can you return to the image of a woman.It usually takes more than ten years for a new actor to join the group to be promoted to starring in male service, while starring in the female bondage is about four to eight years, depending on the movement of personnel at that time.But the rest of the soon-to-be-appointed actor-accelerating the lead male role is Tianhai Youxi (joined the group in 1987, the 1993 group was inaugurated); the leading female bondage was Kuroki Hitomi (entered the group in 1981, the 1982 month group was appointed).The length of the star’s tenure is also different. Most of the tenures are from two to four years (about four to six sets of grand theatre works), but they will also increase or decrease depending on the actor’s intentions and the adjustment of the troupe’s personnel arrangements.7.Fans are also like “agents” and “fans” are the treasures that the Takarazuka Opera Company depends on to survive and are quite precious resources.Fan teams are all groups that apply for establishment in the name of individuals, and often contract a lot of Takarazuka’s box office revenue. Interestingly, these fan teams also spontaneously assumed arrangements for some of the actor assistants and agents. Therefore, the actor was promoted to the chief of Takarazuka.In the process, whether male service can well attract fans is also one of the assessment criteria for whether she can become the lead actor.8.Focusing on etiquette and character At the beginning, Kobayashi set the goal of creating a “national drama suitable for family watching”, leaving the motto of “pure, upright, beautiful” six-character troupe, expecting girls not only to study basic acting skills, but alsoHighlight etiquette and norms, and don’t forget the character you should have as a woman and a social person.The men played by women in the troupe, whose hard and steady character has been dispelled, and a lot of tenderness in addition to the coldness, this is also the main reason that many Japanese female audiences love Takarazuka.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Xue Jingning