Rating: The three major indexes fluctuated and weakened. The Shanghai index fell 0.

32% aquaculture sector led the rise

Rating: The three major indexes fluctuated and weakened. The Shanghai index fell 0.

32% aquaculture sector led the rise

Sina Finance News on February 19th, the three major indexes opened lower. After the opening, the index once surged, but then quickly fell back to maintain a volatile trend.

Is about to close in the morning, the index rebounded slightly.

In the afternoon, the three major indexes fluctuated and weakened. The GEM Index was obviously weaker, while the Main Board Index was slightly stronger.

Recently, the Shanghai index turned green, and the index fell 1%. In general, the stocks of the two cities fell more or less, the market sentiment fell somewhat, the market’s profit-making effect fell back, and the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets exceeded 1 trillion.

  The final close, the Shanghai stock index was reported at 2975.

40 points, down 0.

32%, with a turnover of 3813.

310,000 yuan (3749 in the previous trading day.

9.9 billion); Shencheng Index reported 11235.

60 points, down 0.

63%, with a turnover of 6,574.

8.4 billion yuan (6249 in the previous trading day).

4.8 billion yuan);

44 points, down 1.


  From the perspective of the disk, the breeding industry, attractions and tourism, insurance and other sectors are at the top of the list, and agricultural planting, cloud games, and online education are at the top of the list.

  Sina Finance chief commentator Lao Ai[Weibo]said that the transaction between the two cities has finally exceeded 1 trillion yuan, which is of iconic significance!

Because the trillion-dollar transaction is one of the important characteristics of the bull market. It is the trillion-dollar transactions that created the wave of bull markets in the first half of last year. It reflects the continuous flow of off-market funds into the market.

(Full text) Attention to the plate: 1. Lithium battery Xiangtan Electrochemical, Fengyuan Co., Ltd., German Nano, Hezong Technology, Tianci Materials, Guanghua Technology, Fulin Precision and other collective daily limit.

  On 深圳桑拿网 the news, Tesla related persons confirmed that Tesla will independently develop new batteries, and it is expected that specific information such as battery composition will be announced at the battery investor conference in April.

  2. Metal Cobalt Cobalt Co., Ltd., Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. opened its daily limit, Luoyang Molybdenum Co., and Shengtun Mining Co., Ltd. followed suit.

  On the news, it was reported yesterday that Tesla is in talks with Ningde Times to use cobalt-free batteries in its Chinese-made cars.

  News surface: 1. The National Health and Medical Commission issued a new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version 6).

The sixth version of the plan adds “Plasma Treatment for Rehabilitated Patients”, which is recommended for patients with rapid disease progression, severe and critically ill patients.

For usage and dosage, please refer to “Clinical Treatment Plan for Recovery Period of New Coronary Pneumonia Rehabilitation Patients (Trial Version)”.

  2. Zhang Lixin, deputy director of the Shanghai Housing Management Bureau, responded to “housing leasing companies want landlords to reduce rents”: understandable.

However, we also hope that the company will uphold the spirit of the contract and not impose unilateral demands on the landlord.

We are also working with relevant departments to study relevant support policies to help companies overcome difficulties.

  3. At 10:00 today, Academician Zhong Nanshan and his team held another video conference with medical experts from Harvard University in Guangzhou to exchange and discuss cooperation on rapid detection and diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia, clinical treatment, drug screening, vaccine research, epidemiology and other aspects.
Participants at the meeting included Academician Zhong Nanshan, Professor He Jianxing, Dean of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, Professor Zhao Jincun, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, and GeorgeQ, Dean of Harvard Medical School.
Daley, David Golan, associate dean of Harvard Medical School, Arlene Sharpe, director of the Department of Immunology at Harvard Medical School, Bruce Walker, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital-MIT-Harvard Reagan Institute, and Xia Haijun, president of Evergrande Group.

  4. According to China Business News, due to the impact of the epidemic, daily transactions in financial markets, and clearing and settlement face more challenges.

The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Clearing House stated that the Shanghai Clearing House will launch the launch of LPR (loan market quoted interest rate) derivative products, RMB interest rate refunds, etc., and expand a broad and comprehensive business online trading channel, and strive to reach the business processing line in 2021.The conversion rate is 50%.

  5. Premier Li Keqiang highlighted at the executive meeting of the State Council on February 18, “At present, to coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, an urgent task is to stabilize employment.

“” To stabilize employment, we must stabilize enterprises, and we must promptly introduce a series of policies and measures to support enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, to help enterprises overcome difficulties.

6. According to the Global Times, former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was sentenced to 17 years in the second instance of bribery.
  7, Tianyan data showed that on February 17th, JD Cloud Computing’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian JD Yuan Hongyun Computing Co., Ltd. changed its business, and Liu Qiangdong stepped down as the company’s manager and Xie Haibo took over.
At the same time, Zhang Qiang, assistant to Liu Qiangdong, stepped down as executive director and legal representative of the company, and Xie Haibo took over.

  8. According to the Beijing Daily, the first domestic low-orbit broadband communication satellite with a communication capacity of 10Gbps was launched, and a communication capability test was carried out 30 days later.

Galaxy Aerospace revealed on February 19 that this 5G satellite has verified the low-orbit Q / V / Ka communication capabilities for the first time in China and has achieved success in communication experiments.

  Outlook: Guoxin Securities believes that the short-term market is expected to continue to maintain a steady and rising trend.

With the development of the epidemic in a better direction, and overall stable growth policies, support for resumption of labor and other measures have been implemented, market sentiment has been repaired.

After continuous pick-up, the short-term market may have shocked and digested demand, but the focus of the trend will continue to be strong, and the characteristics of active structure are expected to continue, and it should be held mainly.