[What are the benefits of eating Jin Chan]

[What are the benefits of eating Jin Chan]

Known as an insect, Jinchan is also a favorite food of people and people. The taste of Jinchan is very delicious, and it also has high efficacy and effect, especially the nutrition value of wild Jinchan, Contains many nutrients required by the human body, and is very rich.

What are the benefits of eating Jin Chan?

Today I will introduce the nutritional value of Jin Chan in detail for everyone!

The nutritional value of the golden cicada The golden cicada is a representative species of the cicada family, and the larvae are called differently in different places. The old squeak turtle, the old squeak monkey, and the horse squeak monkey (Pingxiang dialect) crawled and learned about the turtle.Knowing monkeys, sister monkeys, festival old turtles, Luo pots, crawling black grasshoppers, knowing acridine, eating children, young and old dogs, climbing forks, beef cattle, fairy, dula monkeys, knowing old and new crawling, festival crawling, etc.Is its name.

Jin Chan has very rich nutritional ingredients, and its medicinal value is also very high.

In particular, the skin of Jin Chan is a kind of Chinese medicine, and the idiom of Jin Chan’s shelling also comes from it.

Although cicadas have fewer and fewer living areas, the number of golden cicadas in nature has decreased significantly; now, in order to meet market demand, some people have used artificial cultivation to obtain it.

The golden cicada has high nutritional value and is known as the Tang Sang meat.

Due to the high nutritional value and unique taste of Jin Chan, as well as the various nourishing and medicinal effects on the human body, folks have long compared eating Jin Chan Zi to Tang Sang meat that can make people immortal.

The Tang monk who went to the West to learn from the “Journey to the West”, one of the four classic classics in China, was reincarnated as Jin Chanzi (also known as Elder Jin Chan), the second disciple of Sakyamuni Buddha, and Tang San Zang was reincarnated asThe true monk of the Eastern Tang Dynasty, the monk has the meaning of the golden cicada husking, so people use the husked and transformed cicada as a symbol of longevity and regeneration. Therefore, in the “Journey to the West”, it is also possible to eat Tang monk meat to immortalize.

In modern society, people put the nutrient-rich golden cicada on the table and call it Tang Sang meat. This is a praise that gives the golden-cicada nutritional value enough.

According to the physical and chemical analysis and research of the China Institute of Food and Nutrition, 72 grams of protein, 15 grams of aunt, and 1 ash were taken per 100 grams of golden cicada nymphs.

8g; at least, it also contains essential calcium, phosphorus, iron and multivitamins and trace elements.

After scientific analysis, Jinchan’s body is rich in amino acids, proteins and trace elements. Essential amino acids in the human body account for 46 of the amino acid content.


Compare the protein content of the same 100g of golden cicada with other animals: The golden cicada nymph contains protein as lean beef (containing protein 20).

2%) of 3.

5 times lean pork (16.

7%) of 4.

3 times that of lamb.

8 times, chicken (23.

3%) 3 times the carp (17.

3) 4 times the eggs (11.


It can be seen that the golden cicada nymph has a higher amount of protein than any animal meat and poultry eggs; and because it contains multiple nutrients necessary for the human body, it is extremely useful for promoting growth and development, supplementing the metabolism of the body, and recovering patients with physical weakness.Good adjuvant healing effect, therefore, has become a rare natural pollution-free high-grade nutritional food.

When talking about the nutritional value of golden cicada, folks have compared the golden cicada to the meat of Tang monks, which means that the golden cicada’s nutritional value is very rich, and the taste is delicious. There is a feeling that people will live forever if they eat it.
So what are the nutritional values of Jin Chan?

As far as insect foods are concerned, everyone may know that they contain quite a lot of protein.

High-quality protein and the protein contained in the golden cicada is not ordinary protein, but it is not comparable to simple fried tofu.

Jin Chan contains proteins that contain amino acids that are beneficial to our body. 46% of the amino acid accumulation is necessary for the human body alone. It is conceivable how rich the nutrition value of Jin Chan is.

And the nutritional value of Jin Chan also includes the rich vitamins and inorganic salts it contains.

High-quality fatty acids such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other minerals that are in high demand in the human body are quite rich. In addition, the 15% high-quality oil content of the golden cicada also greatly increases the nutrition value of the golden cicada.Unsaturated fatty acids can reduce our cholesterol and maintain the balance of blood pressure.

Medicinal value Jin Chan has medicinal functions.

When the old nymph of the golden cicada changes into an adult, the ecdysal shell is called cicada, also known as cicada or cicada. Its main components are chitin and protein, sweet, salty, cold, entering the lung, and liver meridian. It is importantXinliang solution of Chinese medicine.

As a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient, Cicada has the functions of antibacterial, anti-cold, calming, and diuretic.

The fresh and tender nymphs and adults, especially the nymphs are not only rich in nutrition, delicious in taste, but also of high medicinal value.

Conclusion: Jin Chan has high nutritional value, contains high protein, high-quality fatty acids, high-quality protein, and also has medicinal functions. According to the traditional Chinese medicinal materials that can treat a variety of diseases, it has the functions of antibacterial, anti-cold, calming, diureticTherefore, Jin Chan is the best product for health, and those who want to keep healthy can eat more Jin Chan!