[How long can yeast and noodles make hair]_Bubble time_Time control

[How long can yeast and noodles make hair]_Bubble time_Time control

The key factor that determines the success of noodle products is whether the dough is adequate.

Because most people want to have a mouthfeel in the process of making noodle products, baking is a key step.

But if you don’t use other ingredients for baking, it will prolong the baking time, so yeast has become an essential role in the convenience process.

Yeast can speed things up, and how long does it take to use yeast for baking?

How long can the yeast and noodles be made? Use yeast powder to make the noodles. You need to put the kneaded dough in a place with high temperature and let it go for about an hour.

The problem is absolute activity in yeast, when fermentation temperature and ambient temperature depend on the number of mating surfaces.

The activity of a good quality yeast consumes slightly more occlusal surface, the higher the temperature, the higher the ambient temperature is close to 40 degrees, the shorter the amount of baking time, and vice versa.

First, thirty to forty-five minutes should be fine, at most an hour.

However, these are all dogmas. The surface that should be aligned should be practiced with a more precise amount. If the surface that is activated more than doubles the amount of the occlusal surface, the aroma of rice wine will prove that it has sent a good complexion.

Method 1 for yeast baking, add a pound of flour to the pot, add warm sugar water after the sugar has been added, and add no sugar at all. Every time you make a bun, add a little sugar, so that the noodles are sweet and delicious.

2. Yeast powder is opened with warm water and poured into the noodles.

If the water is not enough, add warm water to the flour.

3, the dough is not sticky, cover the pot with a plastic film, or cover with a lid, put it in a warm place to ferment for about an hour (mainly to see the condition of the dough, if the yeast can not or put the comparisonA small amount, you have to wait for the starting point of time).

4. When the dough is twice as big as before, air holes appear on the surface and the taste is a little sour. Sprinkle some dry flour and add warm water to the yeast and noodles again.

You can also continue the above steps to do three wake-ups, or you can do it once.

You can try different proofing times, what is the taste change of steamed buns.

5. Make up the noodles and divide them into multiple round doughs.

6, can also be cut into square dough with a knife.

7. Add cold water to the steamer, add the dough to the brush oil and the curtain with drawer cloth.

It is best to wake up in the steamer for another quarter of an hour before steaming.

Bring water to low heat first, steam over medium heat for 10 minutes, and finally steam over high heat for 10 minutes.

After the head is steamed and expanded, wait a few minutes and remove it.

The answer to how long yeast and noodles can make is already answered above.

So if you want to make noodles, you can rest assured that the temperature is high, the speed of noodles will be faster, the noodles are skillful, and the amount of baking powder is proportional.Once you make it, your own food is hygienic and safe.