[Why foreign women love to shave this hair]

[Why foreign women love to shave this hair]

Foreign women have the habit of removing pubic hair after bathing, which puzzles too many Chinese women. At the same time, they also wonder whether foreigners are women who shave their pubic hair in order to dress beautifully.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the Chinese people. The reason why foreign women maintain this habit for a long time is because they protect their genitals.

Pubic hair protects female genitals. In the primitive era when humans did not wear trousers, private body hair invaded and defended the vagina, avoided the invasion of foreign bodies and germs, and maintained sanitary protective functions.

In sexual life, the main role of pubic hair is to reduce the friction between each other during sexual intercourse, and to avoid damage to the distorted fugus.

In fact, the pubic hair of men during sexual intercourse between men and women is enough to reduce the mutual friction during sexual intercourse and avoid the damage of the penis.

In modern society, the thick pubic hair covers the vulva, so that the vulva is always warm and aligned with the environment, and becomes a derivative of mold, trichomoniasis, pubic lice, and various pathogenic bacteria, which is not conducive to the hygiene of the vulva.