[Astragalus diuretic]urination_effect

[Astragalus diuretic]urination_effect

Astragalus is a Chinese medicinal material with a long history of use in China. This also reflects from the side that the pharmacological effects of astragalus on the human body have been recognized by everyone.

The original artificially planted astragalus was cultivated in large quantities, but wild astragalus has become a plant endangered in the country.

So when you see wild astragalus, you must pay attention to protection. Astragalus has the effect of enhancing the immune function of the human body, but will astragalus have a diuretic effect?

Strong bodies have been tested with animals taking astragalus water.

The results showed that the animals after taking astragalus water increased weight faster than those without astragalus water, and the albumin and total serum protein in the body also increased significantly.

These animals have been swimming in the water for a long time, and their daily urine has increased.

Treatment of gastritis Through this experiment above, we can find that in addition to strengthening the body, the benefits of drinking astragalus water also include strengthening myocardial contractility, which can effectively prevent circulatory failure.

If it is dialysis experimental gastritis, then drinking more astragalus water daily can effectively reduce and reduce the amount of protein in urine.

Treatment of body drowsiness and shortness of breath In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that drinking more astragalus water daily will improve the spirit and reduce the shortness of breath gradually.

If you increase the amount of windproof, ginger, etc. with water decoction, it can also effectively enhance the body’s immunity and effectively prevent colds in the body; if you add an appropriate amount of floating wheat and ephedra, it can be effectively treated after decoctionNight sweats.

Iron deficiency heart disease If the patient has iron deficiency heart disease, take 50 grams of astragalus every day to decoction with water, and then divide the medicine into three doses.

In addition to the benefits of drinking astragalus water, it can not only alleviate the condition of heart colic, but also effectively improve many clinical objective indicators, and it has a good effect on restoring the body to health.

The benefits of drinking astragalus water can effectively relieve angina.

Treatment of hypertension Many patients with hypertension, especially elderly patients, are prone to edema in the lower body. Drinking astragalus water can prevent the elimination of edema and lower blood pressure.

In treating glomerulonephritis, the astragalus membranaceus is poured into boiling water and then treated as tea. Drink it once a day for 20 days as a course of treatment. The healing effect is very good and it is welcomed by many patients.

Treatment of Diabetes In general, diabetic patients have edema and a yellowish complexion, so you can drink astragalus water and add some kudzu root for better results; if there are ulcers, then add kudzu root, red radix, and salviabetter.