[Number of Sexual Life of a 46-year-old Woman]

[Number of Sexual Life of a 46-year-old Woman]

The 46-year-old woman’s physical fitness gradually declines. At this time, moderate sex life is very good for women’s health. It can prevent psychological stress and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Generally speaking, women in this age group have 2 to 1 week.3 sex life is better, sex life can not be excessive, to prevent complications, and to strengthen good maintenance, after all, the 46-year-old woman is also approaching menopause.

How to make a “sex” blessing for middle-aged women 1. According to their sexual desire and sexual ability, take the initiative to lead a good sexual life. Middle-aged women (female food) should maintain a sexual life about once a week.increase.

But do not artificially suppress sexual desire.

Second, pay attention to fitness (fitness food) and beauty (beauty food). Of course, women who enter menopause (menopause food) often have half-faced faces, loose and sagging breasts, and their bodies have gradually lost their richness and beauty.

However, if you regularly participate in fitness exercises and pay attention to grooming and dressing, it will help improve the vitality of the body and the attraction to the opposite sex, especially beautifying the image in the husband’s mind.

Middle-aged women may wish to exercise regularly, play tennis, badminton, and do aerobics.

This can not only improve the health of the whole body (healthy food), but also help improve sexual function and enhance sexual desire. As the saying goes: “You can’t avoid the old”. Middle-aged women pay more attention to the modification of the external appearance, and can also go to beauty salons if necessary., The right dress can make you feel younger and younger, and psychologically produce a positive and pleasant emotion.

Third, middle-aged (middle-aged food) women who are particular about diet and nutrition should eat some foods that are beneficial for beauty and sexual function, fish, eggs, lamb, rabbit meat, skin, sesame, honey (honey food), walnuts and other trace amountsProteins (protein foods), trace elements (trace element foods), vitamins (vitamin foods) and other foods, can lead to the dual role of beauty and “help”, transformed into, soy products, fresh vegetables (vegetable foods), fruits (fruitsFood) and other foods that are not ingested to maintain good health.

Fourth, the drug regulates some women to show mild or severe symptoms of “menopause syndrome”, which has a certain impact on sexual life. In fact, menopause syndrome is a type of psychological and physiological dysfunction mainly characterized by psychological disorders.In addition to psychological counseling, estrogen (such as diethylstilbestrol, etc.), menopausal, oryzanol, vitamin B6 and other drugs can be appropriately taken under the guidance of a doctor to correct all kinds of discomfort during menopause.