[Can shrimp and lettuce be eaten together]_Prawn_Same food taboo

[Can shrimp and lettuce be eaten together]_Prawn_Same food taboo

Many people especially like to eat lettuce, because leftovers can also be used to dip sauce, and it is also better to eat lettuce when hot dishes, lettuce contains very high nutritional value, can be said to be one of the top ten vegetablesNow, both the elderly and children are more suitable for eating, and they may encounter prawns when eating lettuce. Can shrimp and lettuce be eaten together?

Shrimp should not be eaten with vegetables. When eating shrimp and crab, you cannot take a lot of vitamin C at the same time. Also, do not eat seafood with fruits, because seafood is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.Eating foods with a higher acid content will not only reduce the nutritional content of seafood, but also combine calcium in seafood with metabolic acids to form a non-digestible substance that causes vomiting, dizziness, nausea, and abdominal painAnd other symptoms.

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1, spinach and tofu Spinach and tofu, many people think that it is relative grams, because the tofu contains calcium, and spinach contains oxalic acid, eat together together to form calcium oxalate, easy to stone.

In fact, this problem is well solved. When you eat spinach, you can reduce the oxalic acid content in the spinach and reduce the production of calcium oxalate, which will increase the utilization of calcium in tofu.

In addition to spinach, like rapeseed, pakchoi, and amaranth, which have a relatively high oxalic acid content, it is recommended that they be simmered before eating, so that calcium and other minerals in the body are lost.

2. Cucumbers and Tomatoes Some people say that cucumbers and tomatoes will lose vitamin C together, and phase grams cannot be eaten together!

We know that cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which will destroy VC, but what it destroys first is its own vitamin C, instead of looking for the vitamin C of tomatoes, which makes no sense!

3. Potatoes and eggs have been heard by adults when they were young. Potatoes and eggs can be poisoned when eaten together. Some people believe it is true!

In fact, there is no scientific reason. Potato egg pancakes made of eggs and potatoes are paired with high-quality protein provided by eggs, and delicate starch and vitamins provided by potatoes, supplemented with fiber, etc., so as to be nutritious, healthy and delicious; foreignPeople often mix these two ingredients together to make potato egg cheese cake, which is very delicious.

4, bananas and yogurt Bananas and yogurt can not only eat together, but also make a banana milkshake taste very good, rich in magnesium and calcium, stick to drink to help intestinal laxative, soothe the nerves and help sleep.

5, seafood and lemon seafood meet lemon or other foods containing vitamin C is equivalent to arsenic, the reason is that soft shell foods such as shrimp contain a higher concentration of pentapotassium compounds, react with the reducing agent vitamin C, and turn into toxic trivalent strontiumThis is what people commonly call arsenic.

In fact, the arsenic content of seafood is very low, and the impurity content of each kilogram of seafood is less than zero.

1 milligram, and arsenic can be poisoned by blending up to several millimeters. In this way, the amount of seafood replaced each time must reach several kilograms or even tens of kilograms, and a large amount of fruits and vegetables must be eaten.In order to produce arsenic.