WTA year-end final group announced, Batty touches Naomi Osaka again
WTA year-end final women’s singles group released.Figure / WTA official micro 2019 Shenzhen WTA year-end finals group announced tonight, women’s singles, French Open champion Barty and Australian Open champion Osaka Naomi in the red group, Wimbledon champion Halep and US Open champion AndrescuThey were divided into purple groups.The eight players who participated in the finals were participated in the red group and the purple group. Red is the representative color of China, and purple is the main color of WTA.This is the first time that the WTA year-end final came to China. The lottery ceremony also has Chinese characteristics. The names of the players are written on the red folding fans one by one, and the guests are drawn out one by one.In the end, the four players in the red group included Batty (1), Naomi Osaka (3), Kvitova (6), and Ben Sici (7).In this group, the confrontation between Batty and Naomi Osaka will be the focus.In the final of the China Open women’s singles that ended 3 weeks ago, Naomi Osaka reversed Batty 2-1.The four players in the purple group include Ka Pliskova (2), Andrescu (4), Halep (5), and Svetolina (8).The 19-year-old Andrescu is the winner of the New Comé. Open against the TOP10 players this season once maintained an 8-game winning streak. She will also control the qualifying range of this group.In doubles, the red group includes Mertens / Sabalenka, Gbagbos / Muradenovic, Zhan Yongran / Zhan Haoqing and Groenfield / Scholes, the purple group includes Stresova / Xie Shuwei, Krejitzkova / Sinakova, Dabrowski / Xu Yifan and Zhang Shuai / Stosur.The first group match of the year-end finals will start on October 27, and singles players who won the undefeated record can reach 472.$ 50,000 bonus.