[How tomatoes are not sour]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How tomatoes are not sour]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Tomatoes are a side dish that is used in many dishes. The taste of tomatoes is sweet and sour. Even the taste of ripe tomatoes is slightly sour.

Tomatoes are very rich in nutrients and are good for people’s health, so many people put tomatoes when they are cooking.

However, some people need both the nutrition of tomatoes and the sour taste of tomatoes.

So, why are tomatoes not sour?

How to fry tomatoes is not sour 1. The proportion of eggs and tomatoes should be well matched. It is more appropriate to use two eggs to match two tomatoes of the same size.

But tomatoes are usually larger than eggs, usually one tomato and two eggs.

Do n’t remove the ratio of eggs to tomatoes. If there are fewer tomatoes, the scrambled eggs will feel inadequate, greasy, and dry; while too many tomatoes will be too sour, and the soup will be too much.

2. Put some sugar in the pan to neutralize the sour taste. If you feel that the tomatoes are too sour, put some sugar in the pan when you are out of the pan. This will neutralize the sourness and taste of the tomatoes.

If you like sweets, you can put more sugar.

3. Try to pick ripe red tomatoes. Tomatoes that are not overripe must be more sour, so cooked red tomatoes are better for cooking.

This can be judged by the feel of the hand. If it is hard, it is definitely not cooked. If it feels a little soft and juicy, it means that it is cooked.

What vegetables are delicious? Stir-fried Flammulina velutipes ingredients: 2 tomatoes, a small amount of Flammulina, the right amount of ginger, the right amount of soy sauce, the right amount of garlic, the right amount of perilla seed oil, the right amount of salt, the right amount of sugar, the right amount of shallotClean and chop well.

2. Rinse the enoki mushrooms, wash them, control the moisture and cut.

3, put a proper amount of perilla seed oil in the pot, add ginger, garlic, spring onion, and white scallion and stir-fry.