[On the bed, what men like to hear most is this]

[On the bed, what men like to hear most is this]

The joy of Yunyu in the same room is not all pap. The ups and downs of the action can indeed ignite the sensitive cravings of the body. At the same time, don’t forget the influence of the sound. When in bed, what does your husband like most about you?

do you know?

Come on if you don’t know!

Make sure your husband wants to love you more deeply after listening.

Sexual quotes from men in San Francisco, American sex experts in San Francisco, said that couples talking about sexual intercourse and erotic jokes, etc., stimulated each other’s desire and prolonged sex.

I want to look at the proportion to women. Men are more susceptible to visual stimulation during sex. This is why men love to turn on the light.

If the wife says “I want to see”, then the man is pregnant.

In fact, being able to see each other at a glance is better than groping in the dark.