Tom Hanks and his wife donate blood to help study new coronary pneumonia vaccine 桑拿夜网讯 汤姆·汉克斯的妻子丽塔·威尔逊日前接受了外媒的采访,一个多月前夫妇二人新冠肺炎检测呈阳性,采访中她详细描述了二人当时的症状及治疗过程.Rita Wilson revealed that after her body recovered, the doctor thought she and Tom Hanks had immunity to the virus, so they both donated blood to assist in the vaccine research.>>> Tom Hanks appeared afterContinue Reading

Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated Brazil 3-2, winning a six-game winning streak in the World Cup The Chinese women’s volleyball team won six consecutive victories in the World Cup.Figure / FIVB official website Beijing News Today, the women’s volleyball World Cup rekindled the battle, the Chinese women’s volleyball team turnedContinue Reading

Development and Reform Commission Chen Hongwan: venture capital should invest more in strategic emerging industries and other fields On March 8, Chen Hongwan, Director of the Department of Finance, Finance and Credit Construction of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the “2020 Annual Conference of China’s Equity InvestmentContinue Reading

Zhou Yanli: Digital credit should be positioned as the most important asset element for small, medium and micro enterprises On May 22, Sauna Night held the national “Two Sessions Economic Policy” series of salons to challenge China’s economy. Guests included members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s PoliticalContinue Reading

Sports Morning News: China Football Association interviews 3 local coaches, Lowry was elected the best of the week [La Liga]The Spanish announced that Machin was out of class. Yesterday afternoon, the Spanish Club announced that Machin no longer serves as the club’s head coach, and several technicians have also stoppedContinue Reading

GEM welcomes registration system!How to misalign with the science and technology board?How to affect the capital market? According to CCTV news, on April 27, the 13th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform adopted the “General Plan for the Reform of the Growth Enterprise Market and the PilotContinue Reading