Five therapeutic methods for thrush The characteristic of thrush is that the oral teaching film has white spots. Generally, it is first seen on the lingual surface and the retina. It gradually extends to the heel, the upper collar, and the well merges into a large white film. The edgesContinue Reading

Super effective dissolved toxin detox vegetable juice Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice can remove the toxins and waste accumulated in the body, because fresh juice or fresh vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, enters the blood to be alkaline, dissolves the toxin accumulated in the cell, and excretes it.Continue Reading

搓 搓 bathing has bad effects on the body The surface of the skin is the stratum corneum composed of fully keratinized keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are basal cells that are constantly differentiated and undergo a spinous layer. The granule layer gradually migrates to the stratum corneum. The mitotic shape has noContinue Reading

The five most important words in life One of the most cherished words, the most reassuring sentence, the most encouraging words, the five most important words in life, do you know?   1, the most worthy of a cherished sentence: “I love you. “When you hear this sentence, you have alreadyContinue Reading