[Changes made by an orgasm to men and women] Although the orgasm is only a few minutes, the happiness brought by people can last for more than ten days. According to the United States “MSNBC” report, the wonderful feeling at the peak of sex can produce a series of chemicals,Continue Reading

Didn’t heartless lungs cause a long life? “No heart and no lungs”, in many people’s eyes, is not a very good word: big, can eat and sleep; straightforward, everything goes to the heart. Can you know? In the eyes of experts, this kind of person who lives a thicker lineContinue Reading

Massage acupuncture autonomous tinnitus There is a tinnitus patient in the community where I live. Under the guidance of a doctor, the tinnitus is cured by targeted massage of the relevant acupuncture points of the human body. His massage method is: 1. First use the index finger and thumb toContinue Reading

Folk proverbs contain rich ways of health The way to keep in good health is actually around, some common sayings, some simple habits, contain the way to maintain health. Therefore, with the pursuit of those so-called masters, let us listen to experts’ comments on healthy sayings and see the healthContinue Reading

Eye drops are harmful to the tear film, not to be used Some people use antibiotic eye drops and hormonal eye drops when they feel eye discomfort, but the use of these eye drops causes ocular flora imbalance, which may induce non-pathogenic keratitis. Conjunctivitis causes double infection and aggravates theContinue Reading

Super effective dissolved toxin detox vegetable juice Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice can remove the toxins and waste accumulated in the body, because fresh juice or fresh vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, enters the blood to be alkaline, dissolves the toxin accumulated in the cell, and excretes it.Continue Reading