Jump, health, life per second Just out of the hospital door, “Doctor Wang is good. “A loud and cheerful greeting made me stop the pace of hurried home.”   ”Remember me, the one who needs to cover two quilts when sleeping. “Looking at the lady wearing a leather outfit, the oldContinue Reading

That is your way of opening wrong. The so-called children do not listen? That is your way of opening wrong. Wen Wen recently liked to run barefoot at home. I told her that the weather is getting cold now, and it is easy to catch cold with bare feet. AtContinue Reading

Everyone can afford it! These top eight foods are nutrition champions! Everyone can afford it! do you know? Among the foods, these eight foods belong to the nutrition champion level, supplementing nutrition with twice the result with half the effort! Come check it out! Fresh dates: Vitamin C The firstContinue Reading

Treatment of insomnia practice Tai Chi Chinese medicine believes that practicing Tai Chi Chuan can strengthen the kidney’s Tibetan essence, preserve sperm function, and regulate the endocrine system. Therefore, by practicing Taijiquan, it can not only improve impotence, nocturnal emission, weak waist and legs, but also improve symptoms such asContinue Reading

Eye drops are harmful to the tear film, not to be used Some people use antibiotic eye drops and hormonal eye drops when they feel eye discomfort, but the use of these eye drops causes ocular flora imbalance, which may induce non-pathogenic keratitis. Conjunctivitis causes double infection and aggravates theContinue Reading

Sleeping drooling is also a disease? Adults drooling while sleeping may be caused by some physical illnesses and need to be noticed.   Many people think that only children will drool, in fact, adults will also. Under normal circumstances, we will not drool after falling asleep. If this phenomenon occurs frequently,Continue Reading

Five therapeutic methods for thrush The characteristic of thrush is that the oral teaching film has white spots. Generally, it is first seen on the lingual surface and the retina. It gradually extends to the heel, the upper collar, and the well merges into a large white film. The edgesContinue Reading